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Allison Allison

"Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in Harmony"

I began to practice yoga at a time in my life when I deeply needed to uncover and connect to myself. Through the practice, I continue to discover and learn the benefits of being present with who I am IN THE MOMENT, in a powerful, funny, calm, interesting and sometimes challenging way. Guiding a physical practice for others to gradually uncover their own sense of strength, flexibility, calm, acceptance, compassion, joy and equanimity is a great honor for me now. Honoring oneself is so underrated in our busy demanding lives; there is too much room for self-doubt! I work to create a safe atmosphere to explore physical asana (postures) that allows a student to not only be present with the experience of their body, but okay with the challenges that may arise. Change happens in this way - balance emerges.

I am inspired to learn more ways to create this personal journey for myself and others by being contact with so many inspiring people! Among them, I continue to study with senior instructor Hart Lazer from 2009 to whenever you are reading this bio!

Meow and shanti,