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Jani ardella

I have been practicing yoga since 2001 and in 2003, I was hooked enough to complete my first yoga teacher training.

I've had the privilege of training with some renowned yogis such as: David Swenson, Tim Miller, Fiona Stang, David Garrigues, Kino MacGreggor, Mark Darby, Eddie Stern, and Nancy Gilgoff. I am honored to have had the opportunity to study with these teachers as they've each deepened my knowledge of the practice in profound ways. My own practice continues to evolve and grow as I strive to embody its wisdom.

During the last few years I've struggled with multiple injuries (not necessarily caused by yoga) which has made both life and my yoga practice that much more challenging. I've come to understand vulnerability, surrender and pain and the impact on an individual's life. I have slowed down a lot and am currently more interested in restorative yoga and yoga therapy. My intention is to continue to study yoga and teach using these approaches in order to help myself and others as they work through their own physical vulnerabilities.

"May every sunrise bring you hope, may every sunset bring you peace" - Unknown