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Carmen Carmen


The path that led me to Yoga is full of tales that are best told over a large glass of Red Wine. But in short, a few years ago I went through a period of loss that helped me realize that while I've had some pretty remarkable journeys during my career as a Comedian, I still had not taken that oh so important journey inward.

I took my first ever yoga class on a fancy $2 rental mat, during that class my body struggled mightily for 90 minutes to stretch, twist, bend forwards and bend backwards. The way my body moved was awkward, clumsy and to this day I remain grateful that no one secretly filmed it! When I left the studio, I was completely dishevelled and a little dazed. But as I started to drive home I realized something had clicked, I felt alive, I felt vibrant and I could hardly wait to get back to the studio to do it all over again.

I have completed 3 teacher trainings, two of which were with Power Yoga's founder Bryan Kest to whom I am deeply grateful for helping me understand and trust that the greatest responsibility I have as an instructor is to create a unique, playful environment that allows the student the space and freedom to empower themselves.

I strive, in each and every class I teach to be a calm, encouraging presence for the students while they work to strengthen their ability to remain centered and grounded while their body is being challenged and I truly hope that when they get to their vehicle after class and they start to drive home they feel alive, vibrant and can hardly wait to do it all again!