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I began my yoga journey decades ago, at the age of 14 years, when my mother registered me in a class that I attended every week with her. She hoped that it would improve our connection and send me on a better path. Unfortunately, I was an ornery teenager at the time and didn't appreciate the life lessons that yoga provided. It took me two decades for yoga to find me again.

After years of long distance running, personal training and teaching intense fitness classes, I returned to yoga to provide my body with some balance and to improve my flexibility. It wasn't until I took a year off from my job and my life in Calgary, and moved to Guatemala that I really slowed down enough to realize and tune into the personal discovery and insight that yoga provides. While in Guatemala I immersed myself in my yoga practice. I volunteered at a local library, learned as much as I could about the history and spirituality of yoga and explored my own personal practice daily. I visited a yoga retreat located in San Marcos, Guatemala, and then upon my return to Canada, four years ago, I took the instructor teacher training at Yoga Passage, from Tracy Mann, Lerrita Rubinoff and Tanis Fishman. I will be forever grateful for the patience, wisdom and insight that they provided.

The greatest gift that yoga has brought to me is an appreciation for each and every magical moment that makes up our lives. It has taught me to slow down, practice more patience and to understand myself on a much deeper level that I ever realized was possible. Yoga keeps me grounded, grateful and open. I'm consistently in awe as I experience the power of a still mind and a focused breath and hope to continue to share, learn and develop my skills as a teacher for decades to come.