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Christine Christine

In 1995, I was neck deep in a fulfilling Contemporary dance/choreography career, it was studying abroad that I signed up for my first yoga class to finish each 8 hours day of dancing. I was already accustomed to being very physical daily and drawing from the source of the present moment to perform, but something was alluring me to this path into yoga. Its amazing and intense, its light and it is fierce, it is continuously unfolding its abundance, balance, wellness and insight into all relationships. Since 1996, I have completed many courses and teacher trainings with beautiful teachers in diverse systems of yoga, dance and meditation. I completed a BA degree in Kines/Dance as well as a diploma in Natural Nutrition.

I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to have gone to India to study with Sri K Pattabhi Jois and grandson Sharath. It was from this experience that I recognized the greatness of individual practice. All walks of life were there to practice, the 80 year old woman, the young, old and middle aged, the woman from Japan who had no legs, they were all doing Ashtanga yoga. I had thought before going to India that you had to fit yourself into the box of Ashtanga yoga to do it and left feeling that this yoga could be practiced by whomever, wherever and whatever your situation. It unfolds from where you start, where you apply yourself and from there is your path of discovering your life and how you choose to live and share it!

I have been teaching since 2001, connecting my passion for classical teachings of yoga with my experience of body awareness and alignment. I have taught workshops, classes and privates in Calgary, across Alberta and the United States. I am grateful to have studied with many wonderful teachers and continue to embrace their teachings.

I recently became a mother to a beautiful little girl. Once again this practice has changed as life has changed. It now involves dirty diapers and waking up for 2am feedings. Now more than ever I feel the balance yoga brings to ones life in every capacity.