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Crystal Crystal

First introduced to meditation at the age of twelve and yoga at fifteen, it wasn't until she walked into her first public yoga class weighing-in at a glorious 280 pounds where she was captivated by the practice and said yes to healing her life. Crystal battled common health problems including obesity, chronic migraines, debilitating depression and anxiety and found that healing came naturally thanks to time spent on the mat.

After completing a 200 hour yoga training program from accredited YogaWorks organization and earning a certificate & designation from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition she built a small consulting practice where she showed others how to work with whole natural foods and yoga to prioritize self-care as a way to cultivate health and live well.

"Yoga is not about being bendy, but instead learning to be flexible. Yoga does not require experience but invites us to explore. Yoga does not demand perfection but a willingness to play. Yoga invites us to uncover our inner guide and strength so that we may live well and to our own accord. Yoga is a well-designed system that, if we are open to it, will lead us on a personal journey towards profound understanding and powerful transformation. Learn to navigate the ever-changing waters of life with confidence by walking your own path and cultivating personal practice. See you on the mat."

When she's not sharing her love of yoga here at Yoga Shala you can find her sharing her passion for the sacred arts at New Age Books & Crystals in Kensington as well adventuring in the wilderness of our beautiful Rocky Mountains. Also, she loves high fives and thinks she's pretty funny.