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Dawn Dawn

When I first stepped on my mat I had no idea where it would lead. In 2002 I signed up for a registered introductory Hatha yoga class and quickly discovered that yoga was exactly what I needed and I was hooked!

Slowly yoga began to open my body, quiet my mind and heal my aliments all while teaching me so much about myself. I felt a shift in my entire being and became more dedicated to my practice; opening up to meditation I began to discover the inner-peace my yoga teachers had spoke of.

After years in a very hectic advertising & marketing career, I listened to my inner calling and in 2009 completed my Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training. And in 2011 completed an additional 200hr Sattva Yoga Teacher Training and I continue to study yoga and meditation.

Yoga has truly changed my life and provided me not only physical benefits, but with the strength and patience required on the path of self-discovery. I believe yoga transforms us from the inside out. As a teacher and forever student, I find peace and feel more grounded every time I step on my mat.

For many of us, yoga begins with the physical practice then shifts into something much more profound - I believe this shift is what keeps us coming back to our mats. I am so grateful to share this beautiful union of body, breath and mind; my hope is to teach from my personal experience and provide guidance to my students as they embark upon their own yoga journey.

My mantra "Peace, Patience & Practice" sings in my heart everyday and my wish is to sprinkle it throughout my classes. Some of my happiest moments have been and continue to be on my yoga mat and while I'm teaching. I have the best job ever & truly love what I do!!