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The inward journey began in the early 1990s with training in the martial art of Kung Fu, and later in teaching the hard and soft styles of the art. Interestingly enough, a preference for the soft side developed, which encompasses soft, flowing movements linked to the breath.

In approximately 2000, I followed through on a desire to explore the world of yoga which at the time was to complement the martial art training, in terms of increasing flexibility. In a very short while I came to realize that I was gaining more benefit than bargained for from a regular practice of yoga.

I began with Bikram and Moksha, along with some Iyangar and, more recently, Hatha and Ashtanga styles of yoga. I was fortunate to participate in the teacher training program, focusing on the Ashtanga style (Traditional, Vinyasa and Flow variations) and will be forever grateful to Tracy Mann, Tanis Fishman and Florin Voinescu for their dedication and insight throughout the program.

My inspiration for wishing to participate as a teacher was to deepen my own practice and, to the extent I can, assist other practitioners along their journeys. I am firmly of the belief, as evidenced in the writings, that everything we need is within us and the journey inward is to peel away the layers of stress, tension, anxiety and fear that mask our true nature. It is a beautiful journey inward and am always inspired by travelling along this path with others.

The following saying by Krishnamurti reflects that view:
"The winds of grace are always blowing, all we have to do is set our sails."

Gord (Narayana)