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Kim Kim

I was in my early twenties when I first discovered yoga: a Bryan Kest Power Yoga video was playing at the gym I belonged to, and I became transfixed by Bryan's good looks. I was also intrigued by the sheer physicality and seemingly effortless grace of the practice. I signed up for my first hatha class and quickly discovered that even though I was strong, yoga demanded much more of me than I had anticipated. Inspired, I sought out power yoga classes, and fell in love. I soon quit the gym and pursued yoga exclusively.

In 2000, I took my yoga teacher training, not intending to teach, but wanting to deepen my practice. The universe, however, had different plans. Before long, I was teaching, delving beyond the mechanics of where to put hands and feet and trying to inspire people to be their truest selves. I still believe that the mat is a training guide for our lives. I developed a following and Strength and Soul yoga was born. A series of videos followed and I was able to quit my day job and begin teaching full time. Next, I developed the Strength and Soul Student Development program, and have been blessed to see so many great people deepen their practice and even go on to teach themselves.

Throughout my teaching journey, I have maintained my own practice; without a practice, I would have nothing to share.

I could not have imagined how my yoga journey would unfold, and I am so grateful for the many wonderful people I have met on the way.