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Nicole Nicole

Now more than ever I realize my life path has prepared me for this work that I share with others. I have spent many years in the world of plants, energy and healing. Yoga has been the gift that opened all of these doors, to align with my soul purpose and practices I offer today.

My yoga journey began with a love of the practice, that grew into a wish to dive in deeper and explore my inner most Self. My first teacher training certification was of the Iyengar discipline, at The Yoga Studio College of Canada. I have continued studies in Anusara Yoga, Yin Yoga and advanced training in Yoga Nidra Meditation & limiting beliefs. My practices are deep but gentle and all about moving energy in the body. I truly believe we all have the great ability to heal ourselves in so many ways and it's my passion to show others this wholeness in themselves.

I have a connection to the energetic world and work with crystal bowl sound vibration for healing. Plant essences and essential oils have been part of my life for over 20 years now. I work with essential oils to balance emotions and energy fields for harmony in the body. I combine all of these modalities to create healing environments for body, mind and soul. My workshops include these practices to offer a unique experience for my students.

I am continuously fascinated by the study of energy! It will be a life long passion of mine, as the world is ever growing and always changing. It's with a full heart I give abundant gratitude to all of my teachers that have guided me here, so that I may now share these gifts with others.