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The Yoga Shala has been my second home since 2007, when I decided to take a break from my then very young boys once a week to attend a yoga class. That weekly class evolved into a daily practice, and it has changed my life in the best of ways. After nine years of practice I decided to complete a 200-hour training program at the Alberta Yoga College, so I can share the gift of yoga with others.

I am passionate about practicing yoga both on and off the mat; to me, yoga isn't just about postures, it's about living the principle of maitri, or loving-kindness. I also believe that yoga is for everyone at any age, and that the ability to teach others is a true blessing. I'm thrilled to be able to assist anyone in their yoga journey.

I love the warmth, peace, and feeling of community at the Yoga Shala, and I am excited for you to join me here.