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ryan Julia

My introduction to yoga was accidental when I walked in on a practice in the library of the Pilchuck Glass School in 2003. A year passed before my second practice but I got immediately hooked on arm balances and learning to touch my toes. I eventually enrolled in my first 200-hour training with Trinity Yoga (now Gaiatri Yoga) and began teaching flow classes in 2009. A couple years later I discovered Ashtanga at the Yoga Shala, which guided me to enroll in Jeff and Harmony Lichty's 200-hour Ashtanga program in 2012.

Being on my mat has always felt very natural for me, like a 2-dimensional rectangular home\laboratory space, and I very much look forward to how my practice will unfold and evolve throughout my life.

Off my mat and out of the yoga studio I am a full time glass blower\designer\artist as part of Bee Kingdom, a collective I founded with two other members in 2004. Yogic philosophies make up the foundation of my art practice, manifesting in cute culture inspired character design. My art practice involves yogic philosophies as a foundation for my body of work wrapped up in cute culture inspired character design. The practice of yoga and glassblowing are very similar in that both are the hardest things I've ever tried, both involve heat, sweat, consistency, presence, and breath.