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I grew up exposed to eastern spirituality and mysticism and began a personal meditation practice when I was 13. I was also interested in fitness, becoming an aerobics teacher when I was 16 and studying kinesiology at university. In 2003, I went to my very first yoga class here at the Yoga Shala in Calgary. Yoga wasn't an immediate fit. After trying a few more times over the next couple of years, I began to soften to the practice and started to sense how beautifully yoga seemed to mold together my inclinations towards both the spiritual and physical.

In 2007, I completed yoga teacher training. During the next years, I consumed spiritual books and videos and became a bit of a spiritual gypsy checking into silent meditation retreats in Ecuador and New York, heading to weekend satsangs in Berlin and Barcelona, walking the Camino pilgrimage route in Europe times over and spending a year living in India studying ashtanga, kundalini and non-duality. At the end of it all, I had realized at least one thing -- my inability to escape my own seemingly flawed humanness.

For me, there is becoming less differentiation between spiritual, physical, yoga, not yoga, meditation, not meditation. It all is just this one thing of moving life experienced mysteriously with no answers. I tend to feel connected to the themes of vulnerability, naturalness, acceptance, self nurture and not knowing. And from here the journey continues...