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This class will be for all levels. If there are several beginners in the room you can expect a slower more instructional practice and a great opportunity to focus on your breath and your patience!

Ashtanga Level 1-2

Level 1-2 (please attend a minimum of 6 Level 1 classes prior to this class).The fundamental asanas (postures) of the Ashtanga Yoga practice will be taught. Students will be led through a portion of the traditional Primary Series postures, and each class will include sun salutations, standing postures, some seated postures, as well as (time provided), an introduction to back bending, and the traditional closing sequence. Modifications for more difficult postures will be given.

Beginner Ashtanga

Please note that Ashtanga Yoga is a vigorous style of yoga....you will likely break a sweat! The Fundamentals of Ashtanga Yoga will be taught in this class, introducting students to sun salutations, the standing sequence, and the first few seated postures of the Primary Series. Students will learn how to safely move in and out of the postures, and will be introduced to the basic elements of the Ashtanga Practice, such as the correct breathing and gazing points. The three fundamental closing postures will be taught in this class.

$5 Community Class - Level 1

A class taught by one of the Yoga Shala instructors or teachers in training (all of whom are volunteering their time). Each week will be a different teacher and format, but all classes will be Beginner friendly. Check the schedule each week to see who is teaching. The $5 collected will be 100% donated to charity, as well as Food Bank donations are always accepted and appreciated.

Flow Yoga - All Levels

This is a flow class focused on cultivating body awareness, strength and flexibility.The class will work a variety of invigorating and challenging poses to help open tight joints and muscles as well as poses to help ease stress and calm the mind. Connecting the flow of your body to the flow of your breath allows for space to be created internally and gives you the opportunity to experience different aspects of yourself. Come and wake up your spirit, open your body and best of all...find your breath!

Flow Yoga - Restore

This class offers you the best of both worlds. The first part of class we will flow through invigorating & challenging postures that will help bring strength and flexibility to your body. Class will finish with a couple of those delicious Restorative postures we all love so much, which bring stillness and calmness not only to your body but also your mind.

Gentle Yoga / Nidra

This gentle class will open and restore both body and mind. Class may include some meditation, breathing exercises, sun salutations, yoga postures and will end with a beautiful Yoga Nidra session. This is an excellent class for newcomers to yoga.

Hips n Hammies

Start the weekend off right with this Friday night treat. Alexis will take you through a flowing sequence of postures to help open and stretch your hips and hamstrings, followed by restorative work to send you into the weekend relaxed and renewed.

Mom & Baby Yoga (Registered)

This postnatal program teaches yoga postures to restore muscle tone and strength, ease strain from carrying your baby and all the gear that comes with them! Or this class allows mom and/or DAD to come to yoga and spend time with baby in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. (Oh! And you will learn fun songs too!) For Moms, Dads or caregivers & Baby from Newborn to crawling age. Registration in full and in advance is required to secure your spot. Sorry, no drop-ins or trial classes. Call now to register at 403-210-3000.

Mysore Practice

Students interested to join the Mysore program are asked to read the check out our Mysore page and then email Dana at info@yogashalacalgary.com to apply.

Prenatal (Registered)

Cultivate grace and strength during your pregnancy by exploring poses that specifically address the shifting shape and unique needs of your changing body. These gentle classes will help prepare you for labour and childbirth. Feel a sense of serenity and overall well being during this special time.

Primary Series - Level 3

Please inquire as to whether this class is appropriate for you.The entire Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga will be taught in its traditional pace. This includes sun salutations, the fundamental standing postures, and all of the Primary Series postures with the full finishing sequence. The class will open with the traditional invocation (chant) and will end with the closing mantra.


For those with back pain and issues or anyone wanting to de-stress and relax deeply - this class is a must! Join us for a very slow, restorative class involving long holds in order to tap into the deeper connective tissue and structure of the body. Deep restorative work allows us to restore not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as we learn to fully surrender and let go. This popular class is perfect for those with a tight body looking to try yoga for the first time.

Yang / Yin

An opportunity to practice the yang and yin sides of yoga within the same class. The first half will be a vinyasa style of yoga with a core strength component; the second half we will come to the floor to restore with the use of bolsters and blocks for postures that will involve stillness and long holds in order to tap into the deeper connective tissue and structure of the body. Deep restorative work allows us to restore not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally as we learn to fully surrender and let go.

Warm Yin Yoga

Aaaaaaaah....it feels so good to slow down and stretch your muscles deeply. This is a warm (32 C) class involving seated postures, long holds and breathing exercises. Yin Yoga is a great balance to any practice. Come to relax, open your body and calm your mind. This is an excellent class for beginners to yoga or those with injuries (please let teacher know before class if you are injured).