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Morning Mysore Program Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do I have to do to start Mysore?

A. Send Dana an email to confirm you want to register for Mysore.

Q. How much does it cost?

In advance of starting you will need to purchase a Mysore membership (this membership includes all of the classes on our schedule, aside from those that are registered). *Please note that the new member special of $49/month does not apply to our Mysore program.

Monthly Autopay - $149 +gst (requires 30 days notice to cancel)
1 month - $180+ gst
6 months - $850 +gst
1 year - $1600 + gst

Student (full time) or Seniors (65+)

Monthly Autopay - $119 +gst (requires 30 days notice to cancel)
1 Month $150
6 months $725
1 year $1,350

Q. Can I just come and try it once?

You may come and observe a class if you're reluctant to commit. A minimum 1 month pass is otherwise required.

Q. What is expected of me?

We ask that you attend Mysore at least 3x per week in order to memorize the postures, which we will teach you one at a time at a pace that's appropriate for you. This is an ideal way for Beginners to learn the Ashtanga practice, by the way!!

Q. Do I have to show up at 5:30am?

A. No. Please arrive between the hours of 5:30 & 7:30am, and be finished no later than 8:45am so that we can prepare the studio for our next class. Teachers work until 8:30am so if you need assistance, show up no later than 7:30.

Q. I don't know the sequence; does that mean I can't do Mysore?

A. Absolutely not! Not knowing the sequence is actually ideal so that we can teach you the proper breath count into and out of the postures. It is our job to teach you the postures, and your job to show up regularly to best memorize them.

Q. What if 'm not a morning person / I'm inflexible / I'm injured / I'm a beginner / I'm overweight / I'm weak?

A. As far as we are concerned, none of these are obstacles for you to learn the Ashtanga practice. We will modify as needed for any issues you may have....and with a consistent practice over time you will likely see your issues disappear!!

Q. I want to just come and do my own thing. Is that ok?

A. There is an expectation that when you attend mysore you agree to follow the teachers' instructions and guidance. The Ashtanga sequence is taught posture by posture at the teachers' discretion. Respect and a certain amount of humility and surrender are required! In other words, NO. :)

Q. What if I don't have time to do my full practice - should I stay home?

A. No way!! Some days it is appropriate to take a shorter practice, which is (aside from moon days and ladies holiday) better than none at all. If you are going through a stressful or busy time it can be easy to let your practice fall to the side - but please know we support you to come in and do a short practice when you need. It's important to stay connected to your practice and committed to the time on the mat.