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Students interested to join the Mysore program are asked to read the following description and the Frequently Asked Questions, and then email Dana at info@yogashalacalgary.com to register.

In Mysore class you show up anytime during the posted hours (see below) and will be taught the Ashtanga sequence one posture at a time (your practice will start out being very short, i.e. 20 minutes). As you repeat the postures daily, you gradually increase your knowledge and create an independent, personal practice. New students are required to commit to a consistent Mysore practice of at least 3x per week.


Monday thru Friday 5:30 - 8:30am
Students may arrive for practice between 5:30-7:30am
(teacher assistance until 8:30am).
There are no mysore classes on MOON DAYS.

No experience required: one need not have any prior knowledge of the postures or the sequence to attend this class. The teacher(s) will assist each student as necessary, and will work individually with the students, as they move at their own pace through a set series of postures. Free from the constraints that come with practicing in a led class environment, the Mysore practice allows for one-on-one instruction andmore specific guidance from the teacher.