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finding my breath

Since joining mysore my practice feels more like my own; I am finding my breath, I am more focused, I am gaining confidence in my postures, I am amazed how strong I have become in such a short amount of time, and I belong to this great community. I enjoy developing a daily habit that reminds me to be kind to my body and that each day is a new day complete with challenges and triumphs, in yoga and beyond, but it is nice to begin the day with this reminder. I am also inspired by those practicing around me, their commitment, their energy and their enthusiasm.

stronger, more balanced and happier

I have been practising Mysore style Ashtanga for almost a year now and I am still in love with the way to independently practice in a group. For me it is very satisfying to work on the same sequence almost every day and to learn more about myself, my moods and distractions during the practise. Dana, Pat or other instructors are always there for help and expert corrections. Although there are many asanas that I am not able to do, I am stronger, more balanced and happier than before.

open and supportive

I just wanted to thank you for being so open and supportive. Watching the way everybody moves is an inspiration. You have given me new motivation in my recovery. I can't even explain how good it feels to move and breath again.

Never did have the surgery

I originally came to yoga for therapy. On the physical side, to avoid spinal surgery; as well as to help settle my over-stimulated mind. The learning of disciplines such as asana, pranayama and meditation has helped a great deal. Never did have the surgery. Some time later, yoga came to me through insights gained into the subtle realms. The establishment of a daily practice habit, such as taught at Yoga Shala Calgary, has definitely helped with the quality of my life.

Beautiful spot

Beautiful spot. Warm and inviting. Thank you for having me there.

inspiring atmosphere

Yoga Shala Calgary will always hold a warm place in my heart. I was only visiting for one month but really learned so much from all that the teachers were giving and the inspiring atmosphere present during mysore in the shala. What a wonderful place to grow and community to practice with! Eternally grateful for this : ) Shanti Om!

said amazing things

Yoga Shala was one on the local businesses we showcased at the We Should Get To Know Each Other #100, happening this weekend at King Edward School - so neat to see how many people recognized Brent/Dana and said amazing things about the studio!

insight and support

As a new student in the Mysore program, I gained an amazing amount of insight and support since I joined the class at the Yoga Shala. Practicing Mysore under Pat's and Dana's guidance has given me a significant and different dimension to my yoga practice. I realized that if you really are interested in yoga and want to pursue it further, this is what you need to do- look at your own practice, bring awareness to your own strengths are honestly explore the areas you need to grow. And this is what Mysore means to me- it gives you the opportunity to be your own teacher, and lets you discover how much can be learnt by only being aware of your moves, your breath, your mind. As for Pat and Dana - they are everything a student can wish for! They show genuine interest, and their guidance respects your own physical and mental abilities, while encouraging you to push your own limits. I am so thankful for sharing this experience with them and with the other students!

accessible for everyone

Dana and Pat teach the Ashtanga practice in a way that makes it accessible for everyone and every body while respectfully promoting the the traditional philosophy and theory behind the practice. The quiet yet cohesive community energy in the Yoga Shala Mysore room is an inspiring backdrop for this personal and transformative approach to yoga. You should try it.

perfect for a busy life

Life busy? Work got you spun upside down & busy? Liking this new thing you discovered called Ashtanga but life is getting the way? If you answered yes to any of the questions above then u and I are on somewhat that same pageā€¦So why Mysore? It is your own pace and you can take it anywhere. You create a shared learning with your teachers via the Mysore program. You will never have a limitation holding you back from developing a practice that is independent of time & location. Having been part of the Mysore program has allowed me to take my practice on the road with work- perfect for a busy life.

instructors are dedicated

I began attending morning mysore just over a year ago, after my Dad passed away from pancreatic cancer. In light of my Dad's illness, I realized I can't sit back and hope I'll just somehow be healthy - mysore has been a way to take care of myself and stay healthy both mentally and physically. It was also a wonderful way to exercise and take care of myself while pregnant with my second child. The instructors were extremely helpful in suggesting adjustments to poses so that I could still continue my practice while pregnant. The instructors are dedicated and even take the time and mental energy to keep track of where individual students are in their practice. That first day coming into the Mysore room may seem scary, but you'll be glad you took the risk and started the journey. Plus, everyone has their eyes on their own mat anyway, right? :) Thanks for all you and Pat do - I'm not sure either of you understand the positive impact you have on so many people!! :)

individualized assistance

I have many tight spots in my body and I often felt in led classes that I would just be getting into a posture after a couple breaths and the class would already be moving on. Mysore is wonderful for allowing me to focus on the areas where I need extra attention. I also love being able to ask questions about postures and the individualized assistance from the mysore teachers. My practice has improved significantly since I added regular mysore sessions.