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YOGA THERAPY with Sharyl Paull!

Yoga Therapy is a growing treatment modality that brings together elements of yoga and kinesiology to create ease of movement in the
joints and true core strength that comes from a stable body that moves
the way it was created to. These sessions are designed to increase body awareness, create ease and decrease pain and tension, all of which will improve your yoga practice or any other activity you enjoy in your life.


If you are wondering about the health of your pelvic floor, feeling disconnected from your centre or feeling off balance in any way, this 6 week registered session, taught by Certified Yoga Therapist Sharyl Paull, is for you. This unique session will deepen your understanding of your "internal structure of support." We will utilize breathing techniques, therapeutic exercises and the tools of yoga including poses, mindfulness and meditation to begin to create a sense of a stable centre. You will learn, and experience, how a body in balance invokes a core stability that increases energy, decreases pain and improves your overall sense of well being. Each class will end with a guided, deep relaxation to reduce stress and improve vitality.

6 Week Program
January 20-March 3 (no class Feb 17)
Saturdays 8:15 - 9:30am

If you suffer from pain due to injury, chronic tension, arthritis, overuse or repetitive stress you might want to try private yoga therapy with Sharyl. Please contact Sharyl for more information and booking.

1 hour private session: $100+gst
3 x 1 hour private session package: $250+gst